Diversifying with International Lending:
Expanding Into Canada

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Diversifying with International Lending: Expanding Into Canada

International lending has the potential to provide a significant opportunity for lenders in the consumer finance industry. Canada, in particular, has proven to be a viable market as demand for short-term loans increases. The market is consistently hearing from conference speakers and analysts regarding the viability of the Canadian market. No matter your lending model, you can achieve profitable diversification through expanding your lending business operations into Canada.

One of the big challenges is staying compliant in the different provinces. Transaction management software that is compatible with the Canadian market will help you overcome this hurdle. So it’s critical to look for a software provider who not only knows their product, they know the market inside and out.

TranDotCom: Seamlessly Expanding Your Geographic Reach into the Canadian Market

TranDotCom has expanded the capabilities of our short-term lending system to meet the market and regulatory environments for lending in Canada. Through our technology platform and industry expertise, we help position our clients to become leaders in the marketplace. They can seamlessly extend their geographic market reach while leveraging the benefits of our core short-term loan system—significantly lowering their risks.

Because TranDotCom has been providing products and services since 2000, we’re intimately familiar with global changes in the consumer finance industry. We offer implementation services, ongoing client support and utilization of the proven strengths of TranDotCom’s Loan Management System.

To successfully expand operations in the international lending arena, you need a fully hosted, outsourced and supported solution that allows you to focus on your core business and strategy. TranDotCom has the expertise to give you the competitive advantage you need.

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